Live Out Loud- Speaking Your Truth to Power by Surayya Barbee


Recently, I spoke to some extremely successful entrepreneurs about their work/personal  life balance. I’ve discovered that we are so used to taking charge, when the time comes to fall back & listen to our counterparts, relax or become more strict in discipline with the children, or enjoy the freedom of having a life outside of business and home it easily becomes an inner conflict.

Why battle with the many personalities that live within us, when we can simply accept the layers to our beauty. The idea is to release the conflict and create balance by learning when to allow each persona to come forth. It’s possible to operate our many voices in unison.

As we close-out this year, allow your thoughts to be a culmination of all the years of your life. Moving forward means letting go of all things that don’t serve you well, using your life’s lessons to propel you into greatness without fear or doubt. Let’s take a vow to Live Out Loud!

Here are a few tips I’ve learned:

Feisty Altar Ego

My mentor, Salaam Jaha, taught me Alter is to change, and Altar is high, to heighten. So I choose to embrace my many persona’s as the opportunity to heighten my experience as a progressive individual. Embracing this aspect has allowed me to bloom into this Beautiful, Bold, Bright woman who is unstoppable & unapologetic. The Mother vs The Sexy, The Bronx vs The Business, The Buddha vs The Activist are all divinely respected and work in unison to explore this life fully in an experience now known as Blossoming Barbee.


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