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Love & Relationships: 5 Tips On How To Get Over A Bad Date

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We all have had our fair share of bad dates and horrible significant others. At the time you probably were thinking of all the ways you could have avoided going out on the date or all the warning signs you saw prior to the date. Horrible dates ruin a girls dating experience and cause her to turn down everyone who crosses her path―even if he has Mr. Right potential. What if you had just a few key tools on how to get over a bad date so it won’t ruin your dating life?

When it comes to us women we have high standards that accompany our high heels. We know how to have fun, enjoy life, and simply ask for a guy who can bring something to a date, but it doesn’t take much for a guy to ruin a date. From showing up extremely late, canceling last minute, or lacking in conversation; we as PYNK Girls shouldn’t get discouraged. Never hold on to the past and let it dictate your future. Read our 5 tips on how to get over a bad date.

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Tip 1.

Take the date as a learning opportunity, find out what you want from a romantic relationship.

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