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Love & Relationships: Do We Have The Patience To Find The Right One?



Talking about dating almost every time turns into a debate. People have so many different views on it, but it all leads down to the same result we all want that special someone to be with. Whether you want to get married or not, the problem is finding that person.

I don’t want to say certain qualities about people has died out with the new generation. Like chivalry and courting, but let’s be honest times have changed which makes it harder for someone who is ready to settle down. For instance the term “side chick” has been glorified where it’s becoming acceptable to take on that role. It’s absolutely absurd to want to have the least of someone. That is what you are doing because all of that person’s time can’t be devoted to you. Even when he is all yours it can’t be because of work and other things. So how much time are you actually getting?

Are we patient enough to build a strong foundation in a relationship? The ups and downs that come along with it. We see couples married for 25 years and feel like it was just magical and they went through no struggles. Maybe and maybe not, one has to know what he or she is willing to deal with and work on in order to make it work. Mistakes will be made because maybe that person didn’t realize what they had. You have to really study a person and communicate with them to see if it’s  all worth it down the road. Rome wasn’t built-in a day and and a good relationship won’t be either. It’s all about timing and being open to new things and people. Dont put yourself in a box, just be patient in finding the right one.

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