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Love & Relationships: Give The Good Guy A Chance



For those of us #PYNKGirls who are single, we have had our share of bad guys who prove to be no good dogs. We constantly wonder why we can’t have a single strike of luck and find a good guy who is just as into us as we are into them. Most women are in search of the man with edge, the one who all the girls flock to. He’s poisonous, but we can’t get enough of it and when we get hurt, we jump back into another situation with the same type of guy. It’s a habit that both nourishes us and destroys us.

But, what if the good guy we have been looking for has been right in front of us the entire time? The guy who is always there to hear you out when you have man problems, the guy you call your friend because you love him like a brother, the guy you secretly know is going to make a great husband, but you never took the time to look at him that way, the guy who at the drop of a dime would do anything you ask, and the guy who by default got put into the friend zone because he saw you weren’t ready. Almost every woman has this man in their lives, but he is “just a friend.”

Yes, the guy who has been there for you through it all who has had the biggest crush on you since he first laid eyes on you. Every #PYNKGirl has that one male friend who seems like he’s your boyfriend.

This guy is considered the “good guy” in this world full of bad guys known as dogs. You have never thought of giving the good guy a chance because it could possibly ruin your friendship. But, what if the reason you haven’t had luck finding your Mr. Right is because you have been looking in all the wrong places and avoiding the signs right in front of your face?

Sure exploring this option could be dangerous due to the unknown territory of dating someone who’s friendship you value. But because of this element, your exploration of a romantic relationship will be that much more special and sacred.

He will value you like a king values his queen. He will make sure to never make the same mistake others have made by not noticing your worth. And more importantly he will make sure you never have another story to tell about a guy doing you wrong.

This relationship would be the basis on which all great relationships are built upon; trust, love and friendship. You no longer will have the longing for a friend who not only has your best interest at heart but sees you as his beginning and ending.

And from my personal experience being that I’ve know my “good guy” since freshman year of college, things will definitely seem awkward at first. Because you are forced to act a different way towards each other. Prior to make this step we would literally say reckless things to each other in a joking way or even do reckless things like fart in front of each other. But now that his opinion means a little more, I guess the farting and reckless behavior has to come to a halt and acting like a potential significant other is appropriate.

But simply, this is just a lesson to you #PYNKGirls that in order to see a change in your love life you have to do more than just complain about those guys that are dogs. You have to take the appropriate steps and analyze yourself to see why you go after these type of guys, what you want and don’t want, and most importantly create a game plan to getting the man that you want. But be sure that you leave those poisonous traits off your list. Be aware of the vibe you are giving off because most guys will take advantage of your want to be in a relationship and exploit that.

But you will find that if it just so happens that after your check list is complete and your best friend meets those requirements, you should take a leap of faith and see if he is your Mr. Right.



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