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Love & Relationships: Good Guys Are The New “Bad Boy”



As young women, we have always been drawn to the men with charm and swagger, but the problem is they aren’t only charming you. Jidenna dropped his “Classic Man” hit and all of a suddenly I began to question whether or not the “bad boy” image is as appealing as it once was. Industry nice guy Drake for example, has been receiving major attention from his female fans regarding his recent body changes and his new workout regimen—the ultimate softy and friend zone poster boy, has clearly moved past the friendship spectrum. The “bestie” could never turn into the bae, but 2015 marks a new era for the “where’s my hug” advocates to advance their placement from just a friend to possible prospect.

The friend zone is a very unique position as a man, but it shouldn’t always be shunned upon, it should be celebrated. You have the key to unlock the woman’s heart she just has to let you in. If a man plays this valuable card correctly, he may just be able to take a relationship with an old friend to the next level. Bad boys are so overrated anyway, with their lack of respect and player tendencies–the edgy demeanor is so played out. As the years of adulthood are going by faster than ever, 30 is around the corner, which means there is no time for Netflix and chill, we have entered the relationship realm of network and build—and guess who’s willing and able?

Personally, I don’t think there’s anything less appealing about a man who treats you with respect, knows what he wants and is essentially—your best friend, so it’s time to put those childish tendencies aside of liking the risk-taking, spontaneous boy toy and get you some stability and longevity. Although there is something majorly desirable about a man that you know you should stay away from, the forbidden fruit has a proven track record of failure. Although it is easier said than done to avoid suffering through heartbreak just because you wanted a little taste of the wild side, as you get older you slowly come to your senses. Either you end up with your “friend” or the wild boys hang up their tactics and become the good guys.

Like most women, we’ve all had our experiences with dating both sides. Which side will you choose?

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