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Love & Relationships: How To Avoid A Bad First Date


171146120Avoiding an awkward first date is like avoiding the rain in some cases. And although you can simply use an umbrella, it won’t protect your feet from getting a little wet. This is a strange analogy, but the same preventative steps you use to avoid getting wet on a rainy day, are similar to the steps I take to avoid the worst date ever.

When you first meet a guy, you either have an instant connection or you struggle to keep a steady conversation going. If you are having pre-dating woes, here are some things that I do to keep from ending the night on a negative note.

Instead of trying hard to make it work, just let go and put all the tension aside. At this point, you aren’t interested in date number two, so make the best of it. You’re already at the restaurant, so you might as well enjoy. Order your favorite thing on the menu, drink as much as he lets you, let loose, and don’t allow the night to go to waste. 81715677

Rolling with the punches is the go to method to avoid ruining the date. Although you may not be feeling the date or the person, try communicating with your dater by discussing something that anyone could relate to. Force your counterpart to engage in conversation. This might spark some interest on both sides. Not only will you pick the persons’ brain, but you will also break the awkward silence, giving you two something to talk about.

Lastly, it’s important not to be rude. If you weren’t enjoying the date, chances are your date wasn’t enjoying it either, so don’t be a jerk. Fireworks don’t have to go off at the end of the date, but goodbyes and gratitude should definitely be shared.

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