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Love & Relationships: The Single Girls Guide To Thirst Texting



There are two types of women in this world: the single women who are too independent at times and the single women who are too desperate. Although the “too independent” one may seem stand-offish and hard to get, she is not thirsty, which is at the very bottom of the totem pole. No man wants a thirsty woman. He wants the woman that everyone else wants and if you are putting out too much you aren’t the one that everyone wants, you’re the one that everyone had.

Nonetheless, the very strict formula to the art of avoiding being the thirsty jawn is quite simple. It’s in between putting out too much and not putting out enough and it starts with organizing your words, so you aren’t making a fool of yourself. Although guys claim to not like the girl who plays hard to get, they are definitely lying. No guy wants the girl who’s too eager and just happy to be here. So calm down, put on your best flirty smirk and be confident in your game. Continue reading to stay woke and understand the thorough rules of steering clear of the thirst.

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