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Love & Relationships: When Is It The Right Time To Meet The Parents?



When you have finally taken all of our #PYNKGirlApproved dating advice and snagged you the guy of your dreams, when do you think is the right time to introduce him to your parents? If you introduce him to your parents is this a sign that you are serious about him? Does it mean he’s in it for the long run? Could your parents scare him away? What if your parents don’t like him? All of these questions can begin to consume you and cause you to doubt whether or not it’s a good idea.

Meeting the parents is definitely a big deal because it solidifies where the both of you stand in your relationship. But the question still stands, when is it the right time?

Some #PYNKGirls may put an actual time restraint on it and say that after 6 months of dating things should be serious enough for your partner to meet your parents. But what if in those 6 months are still in that awkward stage where you are not exclusive or your needs aren’t being fulfilled?

Actual numeric time shouldn’t be the factor that determines when or if your partner meets your parents. It should be at the point in the relationship where you have feelings for your partner that are stronger then just friends and when you want to take things to the next level.

Meeting the parents is more than just bringing your partner and parents together. It happens because you either are seeking approval from your parents or because you need to know how your partner will fit in with those closest to you. And because things could potentially go left, meaning your parents don’t think your partner is right for you, this meeting needs to happen at the right time where you could let go if need be or  where you can take things to the next level smoothly without rushing it.

So when answering the question when is the right time to meet the parents, the answer is whenever you feel like your relationship is at a stage where you need that extra blanket of security and that this is the person for you. And that blanket of security is your parents approval.

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