Love Time Line : Kareem & Tisha #AtlastAgoro



It’s Wedding season!

We caught up with NYC party promoter, Kareem Agoro and he gave us the rundown on how he met his fashionista fiancée, Tisha and how he popped the question. If this isn’t the cutest story ever! Here’s what he had to say:

Remember a time before taking your shot in a DM, when you actually had to muster the courage to approach someone and spark a conversation? This archaic practice sparked something worth sharing.

It was a summer night in 2006 and I was out doing what most people our age were doing, partying. I spotted her amongst a group of her friends that were cool with one of my friends, I asked for the customary assist, at the time we called it a “bounce pass.” Her response being the wise-ass I’ve grown to love was “your friend doesn’t speak?” At the time I would say that I was a super confident, but for some reason she made this big guy shy. So, I walked over to her to converse, the general questions followed how old are you, what’s your nationality, do you party often? After a short conversation “can I get your number or aim contact?” I asked because back then everyone had a sidekick. Her response “Send me a message on MySpace”. Curve!! I remember thinking to myself “this girl can’t be serious!” My persistence would not allow my ego to live with that wound. That same night at around 4 am I sent her a message, thirsty right? LOL. So after I sent her that MySpace message, she curved again with a generic message. However God had a different plan and after a few MySpace conversations and a few chance run-ins she eventually gave me her aim name to hit her on her sidekick. Every morning I would send her a good morning text and a smiley face, this was my way into softening up her tough exterior.

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