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Love & Work: Epic 92 discuss what every couple needs to do to survive.

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Is it possible to have a healthy marriage or relationship when you work with your mate?  Considering all of the casualties of love that have fallen victim to divorce or break-ups its really hard to  not think that working together could be the recipe of disaster in relationships.  One powerful musical couple who just got their own variety docu series disagrees. If you’re into world music and International jazz then you already know   Epic 92 (comprised of Xanthe, and Ktabbs Blink) will be bringing love and laughs to the small screen along with lessons they learned along the away.


Convert JPG to PDF online - convert-jpg-to-pdf.netCombining the best of original jazz with the timeless musical influences from the U.K., Xanthe and Ktabbs have topped Billboard charts over the years and performed on stages with some of America’s most popular musicians including Keith Sweat, Calvin Richardson, Alyson Williams, Ruben Studdard , El Debarge, and Frankie Beverly.  Although the two have had multiple top-charting hits they are most proud of their successful marriage and commitment to one another despite all of the obstacles and temptations that lies within the music business.  They also endured a life threatening car accident that they felt derailed their career but brought their love closer. Xanthe and Ktabbs stopped by Pynk and revealed their tips to balance love and work below.




1. Foundation: We’ve been together for over twenty years. If your foundation is strong and solid not even television or the music business should be able to break you apart.  There are so many things and people who will try to pull you apart but you have to be strong in your unity especially in this business.



2. Separate Business and Personal: You have to know when to to turn off work and be present in your marriage or relationship.  You can’t allow business to dominate the moments that are meant for you to be personable with one another.  If you’ve been working all day set a time to turn off the business talk. Sometimes your mate just needs you be that and be emotionally available.



3. Keep the Romance Alive:  We make sure that after all these years we have date night.  Even when you’re married you still have to date like you’re not.  There is always something to learn and experience with one another.  There are Also the flower, cards and gifts thing has to continue.  Never stop the romance.  Put on sexy lingerie.  Be excited about romance!

You can keep up with Epic 92 on their upcoming new docu-series and variety show coming soon. Check out their music video below:


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