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Staying true to the season of love! Let’s talk about love life in balance!
Sidartha said it best!! “There is no path to happiness: happiness is the path” basically learn how to thread the middle line. On this season of love instead of the chocolate roses and typical dates, do something different with your partner! Do something that will make them feel truly special, appreciated and loved.


Here are some #PynkCertified ideas:
1. Game Head
Is your man a game head? In your eyes he’s way too old for that mess but … But you also see that when he plays he’s in that goofy calm mood or is just constantly laughing and smiling like a kid on Christmas morning. Here is a thought, instead of a movie and dinner check out David Busters, Chelsea Piers, if you’re in NYC or find a boutique game/arcade shop and surprise him. Fine dining is going nowhere, just me! Plus you’ll get major cool points… Not to mention the next time that chick flick is coming out he may bring it to your attention.

2. NYC Valentine
For My New Yorkers or if you’re coming to NY
Shoes is every women’s (some men) obsession! Can’t understand why? Hate it but know how much your partner loves it?? Surprise her (him) with a museum date… The Brooklyn museum currently has an exhibit on just that, “Killer Heels”. It’s FABULOUS and your “shoeaholic” partner will feel extra special!
Making your Valentines a day to night occasion will be seamless, the Brooklyn Museum is close to a plethora of trendy new restaurants and lounges.
Make your Valentine’s Day be about your lover’s love!

Show your love you’re paying attention even if you don’t always express it.
I mean isn’t that what’s it’s supposed to be about, appreciating your lover

3. Strip Club
Strip Club ! Yes Strip Club; yes more women are going with their men but so much more have an issue with it. Go and see for yourself. Take him, buy him a dance heck buy yourself a dance! Make it not be foreign, let it be a non issue! Show him such a good time, he won’t want to go without you! A little win win. Face it, men are visually driven. Let him look, spice it up…. Get it? Good!

Back to the ladies!

4. Culture
Forget the movies take her to a Play, Opera, Ballet or a cool Poetry Reading! Even if she is not about it. She will appreciate it. It shows effort!; which is a common issue a lot of women express having in their relationships. This outing screams I appreciate you… I love you! Along with experiencing something out the norm.

Be creative, Think outside the box, Think about your loves passion!

Wild Card
Do things you haven’t done in a while!! Couples who have been together for a while tend to forget, to have fun together… Not to mean they’re unhappy but simply caught up in the routine monotony of life!
Go Bowling, mini golfing, lazer tag, ice/roller skating….
Do a couples cooking class, wines and spirits tasting .

Extra Mile
Plan a romantic winter picnic with warm cider, your favorite bottle wine, two heated blankets one for lying on the ground and one for cuddling , and sexy bitesize foods (to feed each other of course)! Sexy, intimate and bragging rights.

Couples, this day is for you! Don’t loose sight of your partner by conforming to the cookie cut Valentin’s day routine. Use the day as a special reminder of why you love/really like/like the person you’re romantically involved with. Spend your time building memories! After all, time is your most valuable and fragile possession. You have no control of when it’s going to end, make it worthwhile! Love Selflessly!

Karee Onfroy of
Callia’s Closet

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