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#Pynktalk: Martina Big wants to be a black woman

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Just recently, we made you aware of Jaiden Gumbyan who was accused of blackface in her images. We also reminded you of Kim Kardashian being accused of the same thing but still continued to sell more than $14 million dollars worth of product in less than 10 minutes. Although these inappropriate acts have been checked many times before, especially by social media, this 20th century thinking continues on today.

Right on their heels of their controversy is a 29 year old German model, Martina Big, who is transforming into a black woman. Yes, you’ve read that correctly!

Martina told a commenter on her Facebook page that she thinks black women are so gorgeous and she does everything to become a black woman. “I find the black women so gorgeous. Therefore, I do everything to become a black woman.” We have another Rachael Dozal in the making!

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She wants to get more surgeries to alter her look further like: Butt enlargement and facial reconstruction to obtain African facial features.

Martina has already had the following surgeries: breast augmentation, medical skin change and she has even went so far as having her hips and waist narrowed.


Before Martina’s breasts enhancement surgeries she has a modest 32D cup breast. After the surgeries she now has an outrageous 32S cup breasts.

Martina was featured on Botched for her over-the-top surgeries.

What black woman does she see in her head? I’ve never seen a black woman look quite like that.

Is this a form of blackface or is there something worse going on in her head?

To read more about what Martina, check it out here.

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1 Comment


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