Mary Jane Paul Wants ‘A Seat at the Table’ and so do we



New York looks good on Pauletta Patterson (Mary Jane played by Gabrielle Union). Some may argue that her move to the Big Apple was for the worse, especially now since we’re at the end of Season 4 and enough time has passed to draw a conclusion as such. In addition, to her move, Mara Brock Akil is no longer behind the creation or running the show. The series is now run by a new crew: Executive Producer Will Packer and showrunner Erica Shelton Kodish. Most were skeptical already knowing that, but the show has even this time, as always, never seized to amaze. This season was full of similar drama involving her family, her on-going on and off, with men, her career rollercoaster, which somehow always seem to be the most stable component of her life, and her own MJ vulnerable-indecisions. The series kicked off sexy with Emeli Sande’s “Garden” bumping, the night she met Lee (played by Chiké Okonkwo). Lee has changed the game for Mary Jane, the first to one-night-stand into a real relationship that seems to be perfectly normal, that is until his “lesbian” baby mama is too close for comfort, and his two children, definitely the son, gets to know himself to her sexy panties. That could make family get-togethers pretty awkward. Mary Jane is challenged constantly with thoughts and doubts about the relationship and whether to continue to move in the London boy direction.



The Atlanta-based Broadcast Journalist, is adjusting to big city, and has grown tough to let her family take care of their own. Tempted once to step in, she resisted, and let Niecy (played by Raven Goodwin) handle her business like she should and she did. Pop-up surprises were in full effect this season also, Lee decided to make an appearance at the door of Mary Jane’s parents’ home, and mama got a surprise from the ‘D’ during the visit as well. Mom (played by Margaret Avery), dad (played by Richard Roundtree), and Patrick (played by Richard Brooks) are back at home, while little brother, P.J. (played by B.J. Britt) has made a complete 360 and co-existing with MJ. Mary Jane is learning to survive without lending a hand to her family; she is still also settling in to her new day job at ‘Good Day USA.’ With so much at stake and riding on the anchor chair, Ronda (played by Valarie Pettiford) is making it hard for MJ to shine, but a certain someone by the name of Justin (played by actor Michael Ealy) is determined to get her there. MJ wasn’t so sure of Justin or his intentions to begin with due to some unfinished tension between the two after he once had our leading lady fired from CNN. Sparks are newly flying between these two as well, making their professional partnership, maybe more. What about Lee, right? Well, Lee may be seeing himself out of the picture. It’s nothing new for Mary Jane to be caught up in a love triangle, situationship, love affair; that’s our girl. You know bestie, Kara (played by Lisa Vidal) was down for the ride directly by her side, and she seems to be the most solid and consistent ride or die that MJ can always count on.


Whether, soul-searching to find yourself, what you really want or need, focusing on your career, or finding a man, MJ and Kara are the absolute match. Every week, Being Mary Jane is a treat, similar to a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.  Even considering a matchmaker to find love, she even declined; MJ had self-healing to do first. She saw right through her, and it was true. Mary Jane was and still is flawed, but she is taking the steps, whatever it takes. In her relationship, to learn how to trust and love again and even in her career, she is learning how to overcome the rejections and conquer what seems like sometimes the unconquerable. Mary Jane is like every other woman in ways, maybe she doesn’t remind you of you wholeheartedly, but over these last four seasons; Mary Jane has taken us along with her on an eventful emotional roller coaster. MJ is relatable with balance, she is figuring it out and juggling multiple dynamics of her lifestyle, like many of us. From side chick to glue of the family and from provocative to proficient, Mary Jane Paul is every woman. She’s just trying to make it in these streets (similar to the woman reading this) and that’s commendable, strikingly risqué, plus first class; that deserves a seat.

If you didn’t know you can catch the return of Being Mary Jane on July 18th at 10 PM EST on BET, but first watch the mid-season FINALE on BET tomorrow night, Tuesday at 10 PM EST.  

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