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Meet April Star: A 10-Year-Old Aspiring Model Who’s Redefining Beauty




When you think about a 10-year-old, you think about a child who’s contemplating on what gift they want for Christmas. But little April Star is different from other youngsters like herself. Star is a young girl who was born with vitiligo. She is determined to become a model, and she’s taking Instagram by storm.

This young girl, who was diagnosed with this skin condition that leaves patches of  white discoloration on your skin at the age of six already has over 62,000 followers for her inspiring photos and messages on social media. Recently, she was a guest on The Real along with her she-ro and role model, Winnie Harlow. Harlow is a professional model who got her start in the industry on America’s Next Top Model season 21.



Even though Star was diagnosed with the disease at a very young age, she didn’t let the disease become a crutch for her and she definitely did not let that stop her from pursuing her dreams. April is set out to change society’s perceptions of the modeling industry and to redefine the stereotypical beauty standards in the process.

According to Buzzfeed Life, Star’s mom explained the road to becoming the confident young girl that she is today wasn’t easy, but she’s had a lot of support from her family and actress Yindra Zayas–who inspired her to create an Instagram account as well as find Winnie Harlow. Watching Harlow on the hit show helped Star to accept her condition.



April Star believes that beauty should be determined by an individuals’ personality and not their looks. She also believes that being yourself is the greatest asset to beauty. Star is wise beyond her years and we all look forward to seeing her achieve her dreams and inspire other young girls in the world who face various issues.

Shine on, Ms. Star. We are supporting you every step of the way!


Photo Credit(s): Instagram

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