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Meet Samantha Lomax, Creator Of ‘6th & Madison’


Written By Brandon Robinson


Raised by a single mother in the heart of Saint Louis, MO, Samantha Lomax quickly understood the value of hard work.  With a passion for inspiring and helping others, after high school she new instantly that nursing was her calling. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and has worked as a nurse within the Veterans Health Administration Hospital for over 10 years. Plagued with the traditional thought to continue on her educational path, she contemplated on pursuing a masters degree in her field. However, with the economical state of her environment she felt that obtaining a masters would do more harm than good so she held off and continued to work until she found a way to get her education financed. As she worked long hours tending to others in the hospital, back at home, was her patient daughter Madison.  She knew it was highly important for her to instill in her daughter a sense of pride, class and respect as a young woman. She would reflect on her childhood and how her mother, even as a single mom, ensured she was equipped with those standards. She reflected on how poised her mother made her dress, the activities she was a part of, and the pride of womanhood that was embedded in her and as she sat and reflected the vision came to her that she must do more to replicate that same feeling of dignity within her daughter. Thus the creation of 6th & Madison!

“I had been accepted into numerous masters programs to continue my nursing education, however I decided to wait because I just knew I had a different calling. I never knew at that time it was this, but I was so indecisive on whether to go for it or not, that I knew it had to be more for me. And I really just did not want to accumulate any more student loan debt. I still love nursing, and always will.”

But I believe you can have more than one love. I want to show my daughter there are more ways than one to follow your dreams.” -Samantha Lomax.

Currently engaged with a beautiful stepchild on the way, Ms. Lomax accredits her fiancé for his support and patience as she pursues her destiny.

“I borrowed money, drained my savings account and depleted my retirement for the vision of 6th & Madison. My passion for it ran very deep and my fiancé never stood in my way. I remember looking at him and saying, “Babe, I have nothing.” He looked me in my face and offered me security in saying we have each other don’t worry. And from that day forward I went level headed in with my feet planted on the ground. I designed the shoes, I found the perfect curator to bring my designs to life, the website launched, the shoes started to sell like crazy, my email began to back up, and before I knew it I was getting phone calls from retailers, and this is only the beginning. I knew then I was walking in purpose.”

“Motherhood got me here today. Knowing how my childhood was.  Playing SkipIt, Jump rope, wearing dresses and skirts and saving tennis shoes for gym and play.  I wanted to see my daughter walk in confidence like I did. I wanted her to be poised as my mom taught me to be. I wanted her to know that she is a girl and never be afraid to show it and that there is power in the color pynk!

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