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#Monday Motivation: What Do You Look Forward To On Mondays?

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Mondays are good days for many reasons. From getting your favorite java to starting new task, Monday is a day to me motivated to start anew.

Here are a few of our #PynkGirls that shared what they look forward to on Mondays and we like the idea!


“Working in my local downtown Starbucks. It’s my favorite location and has a great feeling to it. This usually helps me be productive and stay on track for most of the week.” -Ariel W.

“New opportunities. Fresh beginnings. Life!” -Aleesha C.


“Thirty minutes of reading, listen to daily devotions.” -Lea’trice C.

“Being constantly reminded of how much I love my life and what I do. Monday is the best day for a fresh start. I get to work my plan that I set in place on Sunday evening.” -Maleeka H.


“Monday to me is like Friday to most. Its my work smart day. The emails I schedule on Fridays go out, and I spend a lot of my Monday mornings reading blogs and watching tv shows. It eases me back into routine and allows me to focus on my daughter and getting her school week started off well.” -Priya W.

We want to know what you look forward to on Mondays. Share below!

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