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My President Is Black: Fabolous Shuns Obama Shamer’s Via Instagram

All Photo Credits: Getty Images

All Photo Credits: Getty Images

The discussion of whether or not Obama was or wasn’t a great president is a constant debate amongst blogs, credible media outlets and of course, pretentious nobodies. The truth is, President Obama has dealt with the most scrutiny, disrespect and blatant trolling more than any other president before him. Being the in the White House for two consecutive terms, there was no room for mistakes or mediocre leadership. Eyes were all on him when he became the first black man to be elected President of the United States.

Fortunately, Obama was up for the challenge and made sure to leave his mark in a dignified and integral way. This week, Brooklyn’s finest, Fabolous took his antics to Instagram where he shamed a few Obama haters; setting the record straight of his core strengths and the change that he has made within his 8-years of service.

On Tuesday evening, POTUS stood in front of hundreds of fellow politicians, congressmen and congresswomen to deliver his usual epic speech and last State of the Union spiel. He took responsibility for the state of the country, addressed the change and progress that he has made with the help of his team, and suggested his plans to carry on his service, but not as president.

Clearly, Vice President Joe Biden isn’t the only man who’s grateful to have such a courageous and generous president because Fab certainly had some words to share. Although Obama continues to be bombarded with criticism of how he ran our country, it is undoubtedly true that he has embraced urban culture more than any other president prior―without making a weird rap-inspired campaign video. Try again, Ben Carson.

Check out Fab’s fed up feed as he glorifies his favorite president.


For the culture. Salute Obama & Kendrick.

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For the culture. No President has ever embraced us like Obama. Remember that.

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People will go back & forth about what Obama has & hasn’t done for this country. But from what I know & saw, Obama embraced many cultures while in office. Hip Hop being one, which touches me because I’m a Hip Hop artist. Hip Hop use’ta be a political scapegoat, the black cat of America, the reason for everything wrong even while being the largest growing music & the corporate world getting rich off our style, jingles, & consumers. We watched Hip Hop become a universal language thru all its backlash & ridicule. And Obama was the 1st President to even take pictures with our favorite artist, invite them to the White House, even drop lines in his speeches. Maybe it’s really good marketing & campaigning but even so no one else was real enough to even try it! Salute Obama. Hip Hop gotta admire this guy forever. [by the way that’s Obama at 40/40, what President you know has been where u been]

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When I started ballin’ I was young. #POTUS

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