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New Music: PYNK Girl Coline Creuzot

Coline Creuzot
Photographer: Shannon Laurine

We caught up with R&B songbird Coline Creuzot, to get the exclusive on her new single “You Give” to get the scoop on her plans for 2018!

Tell us about “You Give” and what inspired you to do the song?

You Give is a love song. I wrote it about my husband…when I heard the track the words just came to me.

Coline Creuzot Single Art

How was the vibe in the studio, while recording the song?

I like to go in and listen to tracks or create with the producer from scratch. For this particular song, it was just me and the engineer, M16 (producer) emailed me some tracks and I just went in the booth and vibed out. I typically write about the struggles in relationships so it was fun to write a feel good song and talk about love.

Coline Creuzot In Studio

Share with us your music playlist. Who are your TOP 5 on your playlist?

I mainly listen to music when I workout…(when I’m in the car my 2 year old takes over the radio…I know the Moana Soundtrack by heart lol) My TOP 5 right now (in no particular order)

1) Ty Dolla Sign

2) Meek Mill

3) Chris Brown

4) DJ Khaled

5) Anything Country (I love country music)

What can we expect from your upcoming EP? Do you have any collaborations?

My upcoming EP has been in the works for about 2 years. I’m super excited to share it! I worked with some amazing producers and really pushed myself lyrically and vocally. 

What makes this project different from your past projects?

Growth. I think with each mixtape, project, or single that I have released you can see growth. I try to continue to challenge myself in all areas of my life so that it reflects in my music. 

What are some of your New Year Resolutions?

I like to set goals each New Year. Personal, Business, Spiritual and Financial with dates attached. One of my main goals this year is to release my EP and tour.

Tell us one thing we don’t know about Coline Creuzot?

I love to paint. It’s a therapeutic outlet for me 

What can we expect next from Coline Creuzot?

New Music and New Visuals! I can’t wait to share everything I’ve been working on!

*Keep up with Coline and her new projects via social media @colinecreuzot | )

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