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Nigerian Rising Star Ayo Awosika Salutes Her Roots With “You’re The One”


Ayo Awosika is already trailblazing her way to super-stardom and great success.  She is paving the way for her Nigerian-American roots and unstoppable in her efforts.  She has shown determination and readiness.


Singer Ayo has already toured with some major acts like Coldplay, Miley Cyrus, and The Chainsmokers. She has also worked with Grammy-Award winning producer Scott Jacoby and been on stages all over.

Most recently, Awosika has released her latest pop hit, “You’re The One,” which puts spotlight on African heritage.

“Born to a Nigerian father and American mother, I always felt connected to Nigeria through the music and artwork my father brought back to our suburban Virginia home; I loved the distinctly African foods we ate, and was completely familiar with the sound and inflection of my father speaking Yoruba, our native language. But having never gone there after the age of 1, I started to realize as a curious and adventurous young adult, that there was something missing in my life – an unknown. I made the visit with my father to Nigeria in 2014 and realized THAT was the missing piece in my life; the experience and knowing of that land. ‘You’re The One’ is a love song to Nigeria – you’ll even hear me singing in Yoruba in the chorus: its my declaration and expression of the love I found there.” – Ayo Awosika

She contributes listening to African artists like Fela Kuti, Sade, King Sunny Ade, and Salif Keita for her electric sound.  Ayo told Essence in regard to her thoughts on what people misconceive about Nigerian/Negerian-American artists:

“As a Nigerian-American artist, people aren’t sure how to label my music. I’m often called an “alternative” artist in Nigeria (probably because I have a band, I play piano and guitar, and I have a more eclectic sound). Genre-labeling can be helpful for audiences to find music but it can also effect the creative process and thus de-value the art. I’m always going to make music I feel the most connected to and know that there will be people who appreciate it for what it is regardless of the genre. I love creating different types of music and seeing my music evolve, and I look forward to seeing where my music will take me in the future.”


In addition to her latest single, she is also apart of a new band, which is releasing their first single this Friday, 10.27.17.  Be on the lookout for that, and in the meantime listen to Ayo’s latest single, “You’re The One.” Check out Ayo Awosika, and everything she is up to!

Photo Credit(s): @ayoawosika

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