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#NoJudgement: Kim Kardashian and Other Naked Celebrities That Bared All



It seems a bit unfair that Mrs. Kim Kardashian West is receiving so much negative backlash from such a creative project. Fortunately for Kim, she isn’t the only one who has ever decided to bare it all for the winter issue of Paper. It’s 2014 and quite frankly it shouldn’t be as much of a shocker to see someone posing nude on a magazine cover. Although some people may consider it to be trashy and tasteless, others marvel in the idea that this distraction of inappropriate suggestion can appear to be art. In this day and age, the media and entertainment industry thrives on attention like this, so this certainly won’t be the last of the exploitation of women.

To each his own—Kim K has the liberty and her first amendment right to do whatever she pleases with her body and her reputation. Remember, she’s 33 sitting on 33 mill, so she could care less what some internet watchers think. After all, how can we shame her when Rihanna showed up to an award show practically naked? In the reality TV stars’ defense, other celebrities have done a lot more for a lot less. In honor of beautiful naked women all over the world, here are some of the greatest nude shoots ever—in case you needed to be reminded.


Photo Credit(s): Paper, Allure, Lui, W, Gear, ESPN, Rolling Stone

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