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On-Air Correspondent, PhaShunta Hubert Talks Building Media Empire While She ‘Celebrates Hearing No’

Ambitious, caring, and adventurous are just some of the words the millennial mother uses to describe herself. While some 24-year-olds are in the beginning stages of pursuing their dream careers, on-air correspondent, PhaShunta Hubert, has already cut the red tape, walked the red carpets, hobnobbed with celebrities, and garnished a loyal following–all while being a mom and attending college.

Growing up in Michigan, PhaShunta always knew she wanted to be a part of the entertainment industry. Easily able to flash back to her childhood, PhaShunta clearly remembers jumping in front of the camera acting out being an on-air Correspondent.

“As a child I always knew this was what I wanted to do,” PhaShunta shares exclusively with Think PYNK. “It was definitely a passion of mine that I just wanted to turn into reality once I got older.”

Photo Via: @missphashunta Instagram

Photo Via: @missphashunta Instagram

Not a stranger to the world of entertainment, and with loads of family support and business inherently running through her veins, there was no doubt that PhaShunta was going to succeed building her business brand and succeeding in her career.

“My mother put me in acting and modeling classes when I was younger once she saw how much I really loved this field.  I got my entrepreneur spirit from being around my dad as a child and learned so much about business, which made me want to have my own,” PhaShunta recaps.

Photo Via: @missphashunta /@dds825 Instagram

Photo Via: DeAndre Dean /@dds825 Instagram

Destined to prove that with focus and determination you can win, PhaShunta found a way to use her career in correspondence to brand herself. From her work on the red carpet to her successful media outlet, ‘MissPhaShunta’, this brown beauty takes her brand seriously.

“My brand is me. My brand is authentic and is creating a platform where I am now able to give other aspiring correspondents and journalists opportunities, which is a wonderful feeling.” PhaShunta explains about her blog.

“I wanted to create a space filled with fun and positive content. Most importantly, I wanted to showcase my talents and give other people the opportunity to showcase theirs. This is how I grew the strong team that I have now. Since starting my media company I have learned that consistency will get you far. I have also learned that in this business and as an entrepreneur in general, having balance is much needed. Networking is a must as well!”

Photo Via: @missphashunta /@dds825 Instagram

Photo Credits: via DeAndre Dean/@dds825 Instagram

PhaShunta is not a stranger to hearing the word ‘no’ which is why she believes strongly in creating your own opportunities. “The main advice [on creating your own opportunities]is that it’s normal to feel overwhelmed and normal to feel like you want to quit… BUT DON’T! If you have to take a break, then take a break and don’t be ashamed of it. Never give up, remember why you started, keeping pushing towards your goals, and keep God first.”

 Now that she is winning, the media princess has created a podcast, “Celebrate Hearing No”, to highlight that the word no is just a word.

“I started my first podcast ever this summer. It is a 12-part series which features myself interviewing celebrities, entrepreneurs, and movers and shakers from across the world as they share their stories. I couldn’t have done it without my father, music production from David “DDS” Smith, graphic designer Annjela Nelson and of course all of my amazing guests that shared their inspiring stories. My summer podcast ended recently and I am now gearing up for my winter 12-part podcast series that I am very excited about!”

Photo Via: @missphashunta /@dds825 Instagram

Photo Via: @missphashunta /@dds825 Instagram

As an up and coming media maven, she shares her advice to aspiring correspondents.

“I would like aspiring correspondents to know that you can’t get discouraged by the word ‘no’ or being told that you didn’t get the job. You have to have a strong backbone and be ready to take on this challenging yet rewarding career that you are destined for. Have faith and go after your dreams in life. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, never let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do.”

It has not been all easy for the rising star. Balancing college and business while raising a child can be difficult. Luckily for PhaShunta, family support and time management played a major key to her success thus far.

“It can be hard since there are only 24 hours in a day. However, I am big on time management, writing things down on my board and sometimes setting reminders in my phone, which all helps me balance out life. [My family] keeps me motivated and are so supportive with what I am trying to do in life. Whether it is assisting me set up an interview or handling the business side of things, they are there and I am very thankful for them.”

What’s next for the communications major who is gearing to graduate next year?

“You can expect more television appearances from me, and God willing I will land a job with E! News as a correspondent, which is one of my goals,” PhaShunta shares excitedly.

We have a feeling this is not the only time you’ll see PhaShunta Hubert on your screens. She is definitely a name you will never forget.

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