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#OopsOhMy: R&B Artist Tweet Finds Love And He Calls Her His “Last Lady”


pr_1015_1051R&B artist Tweet(real name Charlene Keys) is in a relationship with Pastor Jamal Bryant. Bryant pastors the Baltimore, Maryland mega church Empowerment Temple AME. Yep, these two have been getting closer than close for at least year or so. And I guess things are sweeter than sweet because Tweet first revealed she was dating the pastor on an episode of Centric’s new show Being. Shortly after, Pastor Bryant also made a public announcement that Tweet is the new lady in his life. He told the world that he plans on making her his “last lady” on a episode of The Preachers. The pastor was formerly married to Gizelle Bryant of the Real Housewives of Potomac fame. They divorced in 2009 and they share three daughters.

Bryant co-hosts The Preachers with fellow pastors E. Dewey Smith Jr., the senior pastor at The House of Hope churches in Atlanta and Macon, Georgia; John Gray, an associate pastor at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, and Orrick Quick, pastor and founder of God Seekers Church in High Point, North Carolina, all introduced their wives on the show. The pastor of Empowerment Temple AME Church was the only preacher on stage who is not married, but he did give some details about his relationship.

161771086687521.hUbIVq05yefdFL4wtboK_height640Bryant said they met when he bumped into Tweet while walking through Times Square, on his way to an Oprah Winfrey movie premiere last year. He said he asked her for a photo and things took off from there.“We’ve grown into an incredible friendship, said Jamal, I call her my last lady.”  Oops.. Oh my! Looks like things are pretty serious.

Check out this clip from The Preachers below:

Photo credit(s): Christian Newsletter

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