Open Thread: Are We Pressured By Social Media?



Once you enter into this world as a baby, requirements and goals are set on you from your parents. They have all the best intentions for you, but as life goes on and you get older, you set your own dreams for yourself. Little by little you attain your own desires.

In an era where nothing is really private and posting your every move is a popular feat, we become more pressured on what seems to be the “perfect life” posted by a picture or a status on the internet. From relationship goals to a dream career or even how popular you are; people are continually caught up in the hype of the glamorous life. We start to apply pressure to ourselves.

Come on, we have all been there; scrolling down our timelines to see a picture of something that you would love to do or be in. Have we ever stopped to wonder maybe it’s not all what it seems? Or have we even bothered to think about the hard work, trials and tribulations it took the person to get to where they are right now. Do we think about the sleepless nights or how many bad relationships it took to be blessed with the right one?

Likes will never equate to self-love—that starts within. Only then we will realize hard work and patience will get us to wherever the universe takes us in life. No, it won’t be easy, but it will be worth it—way more than a picture post. Define yourself and let nothing else define you.

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