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Open Thread: Do You Pay Attention To Transit Performers?

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I started riding the train at a very young age and one of the many interesting things that I was always exposed to were the street performers. With no remorse and nothing to lose, these talented or untalented artists continue to be a New York subway staple that you hate to love. During rush hour the last thing you want―in addition to someones bag constantly tapping your leg or a crying child―is a street performer strolling up and down the car floor, but it’s always “showtime” in NYC. I personally love street performers. I think it takes a lot of courage to perform in front of an audience that is always unimpressed, so I am forever in awe about these brave souls.

This week R&B legends Brandy and Tyrese took their talents to the streets―literally―and decided to interact with some New York City bystanders. Brandy went undercover on the train to sing her heart out.  In a hilarious 3-minute snippet posted by the grammy-winning songstress, she engages with the train-goers just to be hit with the rude awakening of the average uninspired and uninterested audience members. Little did they know, that they were listening to a star.

Tyrese took a totally different approach. Instead of diguising himself, the singer/actor casually took a ride on the subway with his two body guards to promote his new album. Although many train-riders weren’t to impressed, Tyrese managed to make a friend while in transit. Watch the bromance below.

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