Open Thread: My Success Is Not Determined By Popularity


A career is something we choose and get into because we are under the assumption that we will make good money or we naturally have a talent that we can build on. There’s nothing like doing something we love. From the simplest to the hardest thing, it’s not how much you make, but what you accomplish from it that matters.

However, certain career choices we make seem as if we are only successful if we work with celebrities. Status and the amount of followers has now replaced hard work. So we complain about how we are not where we should be according to where society and social media says we should be. Why is it that in order for you to feel like you are making strides, you need a certain amount of likes on Instagram. These things are creating self-absorbed people who only care to be known rather than building a foundation for your career.

There’s nothing wrong with taking your career to the next level and aiming for higher expectations. It’s time for us to reevaluate ourselves and our motives on what success is. If you are lucrative in what you are doing and your clients are satisfied, you are winning.

Surprise! There are people like this living everyday. Having businesses for more than 15 years, passing it down from generation to generation. Hard work, preparation, patience and humility will get you to the place you need to be. For if we are only seeking to be known, that is temporary. With all of these shows now coming out based on Instagram celebrities, it makes it hard to stay focused. Now if you have a certain amount of followers, you can get paid to promote things, without having an ounce of talent.

Your time will come, don’t get weary of the process. Many successful people were told “no,” at first.

Photo credit Instagram

Photo credit Instagram

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