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Open Thread: The Pursuit of Happiness V.S. The Pursuit of Abundance



In 2015 we live amongst a generation who are fearless and ambitious, but the great debate of whether you should achieve your dreams or aspire to be comfortable and well paid has yet to be answered. It is true that there are many people who feel as though money and power equate to success, but achievement is relative, just like everything else in this world. Perception and thought run our world, while greed and competition ruin it. Working in the entertainment industry, I have been giving the opportunity to see many people of different levels of success work and although it is impressive to see the benefits of being your own boss or having a creative job, I do see the difficulty in it. Yes, you are not a number on the directory board, but health insurance and dental don’t come with hardwork and ambition, it comes with a 9-5.

At a young age, when we first begin to understand, imagine and create our own thoughts, we are free to believe anything we want to believe, but as soon as we are institutionalized and introduced to the “real world,” it seems as though those dreams of being astronauts and architects are so farfetched—unfortunate but true. For years, we are trained to know that school will get us a job and working for someone will make us rich. The contradiction comes when deciding what is most important to you—to be rich or to be happy. Money brings a alot of things, but happiness is not one of them when money is also accompanied by stress, anger and loneliness. I have struggled through the argument of whether a lucrative job is more important than a fun job and I’m still in the struggle. There’s definitely no bargain in being broke, but why not take the pay cut to possibly be happier? Why not turn your fun job into a lucrative one?

I am guilty of the same pessimistic thoughts like many of my peers. I’ve told myself several times that the people who do accomplish their dreams are one in a million, but not because they were gifted or the chosen few. They were passionate, persistent and diligent. Things don’t happen over night, so you have to get that out of your head, and change comes when you least expect it to. Working hard at what you love is the ONLY way to be successful and “success” is in the eye of the beholder. There are levels to progression and they all begin and end with the culprit.

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