Open Thread: What Defines Being Sexy?



Is being sexy a state of mind or the way we dress. Some may differ in opinion about this. Many would agree that you would have to be scantily clad to be or to feel so. Back in days women were  more modest with their looks.

In this day and age it is more accepting to be revealing. When nothing is left to the imagination what is there  to be revealed some might say. Society says this is what we want to see a world full of Kim Kardashians and Amber Roses.  What happened  to women that were fully dressed and still  considered sexy, because the stimulated minds and had careers . Who they were inside, the mystery of who they are  embodied sexiness. Which drew more people to them.

It is not wrong for you to put on your little black dress and flaunt what you have some times. We all do it and we all have a naughty side in us. There is a standard that should be set for our young women to have that mystery . To achieve more than what sexy is now defined as. It’s left unsaid that if Nicki Minaj’s wax figure that is in the replica of her Anaconda video, wasn’t in a sexual position, would it be violated as much? Well whatever your take is on this subject, let us just remember who we are as individuals and keep our heads held high.


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