Open Thread: White Privilege Gets Exposed in New MTV Documentary



The documentary titled White People will follow the lives of several white young adults as they reflect on what it feels like to be white in America. From the creative direction of Pulitzer Prize winner, Jose Antonio Vargas, MTV has teamed up with the award-winning journalist to shed light on the social construct of race privilege in the US and how it affects the youth. Although it may seem antagonizing and biased, the documentary will expose how uncomfortable white people are about speaking on race. While this may sound a little extreme or unnecessary to publicly display the harsh realities of being in a race-driven society, I’m compelled to learn more about what goes on in the minds of white people.

People are prejudice sometimes, but for some reason people like to believe that we don’t live in a racist society. Since the deaths of Oscar Grant, Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Eric Garner—and the list goes on; it seems like mainstream media has been dancing around the fact that these are all matters of racial differences. And because of the massive amounts of negativity that has developed from these unfortunate occurrences, white people have either jumped on the black power bandwagon or played the “I’m being discriminated against because I’m white” card—which are both, apparently unacceptable. But how can you black people? After over 400 years of oppression and fighting for basic human rights, we are still mistreated and labeled as the inferior race.

Personally, I think that the only way to illuminate racism is by addressing it, so why did this take so long to publicly explore this problem?—Probably because major media channels have been developing a way to create a politically correct approach to addressing the issue, or maybe this is just a publicity stunt to gain numbers because MTV’s last hit series was Ridiculousness. Whatever the reason is, I’m certainly enthralled by the idea of young white men and women getting uncomfortable and addressing racial concerns that they’ve been protected from since birth.

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The documentary premieres Wednesday, July 22 on MTV. Watch the official trailer below.

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