Opinion: Are This Generations’ Children Losing Out On Their Childhood?



Are the days gone when children used to use their imaginations? Days where they didn’t care what they put on to go outside, playing was their first and only priority. Hopscotch, freeze tag and children’s laughter filled the streets, but until a certain time. Teenagers watched what they said in front of adults, because they didn’t want to get in trouble with their parents.

It would be sad to answer “yes” to this, but the reality is children have been losing their imaginative spirits for a while now. In a day and age where everyone is concerned with their own self, technology has replaced parenthood and love. We have started to dress our children like mini adults, skinny jeans and midriff tops or even more popular, having children suggestively posing in pictures. There is no line drawn of who is who. Sagging our male toddlers’ jeans and having them repeat songs that are not for their age group.

Children and teenagers seem to be more obsessed with taking a selfie instead enjoying a day of cartoons and cereal on a Saturday morning. Some might quarrel and say they have not the time, or this is a new day and age. Yet, that’s still not an excuse when we are molding them that way. Less technology and more structure is needed. Younger and younger children are getting swallowed up by statistics. Let’s reclaim our youth and give them what we have learned and let them enjoy their childhood and not force ripe adults.
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