Opinion: Google Is Playing One Side Of The Racial Spectrum



Although I’ve noticed how difficult it is to find people of color on the Internet, I always looked at it as a minor circumstance, but recently I’ve been extremely fed up with the lack of people of color that pop up during an arbitrary google search―the ratio is slim to none. On several occassions, I’ve tried to search for images that you would think are pretty universal in 2015, but not to my surprise I continually find myself discovering pictures of people who don’t look like me at all. Even when I specifically add the tag, “black” behind a description, I still find that there are non-blacks that show up in my feed. Why is this?

My discrepency is the idea that “white” is still the social norm, you would think that in 2015, the corporte majorities would catch wind to it. When googling “kids playing” not only did I have to scroll several pages ahead to find a group of children with at least one black kid, but I also saw the same picture of a group of white children repeated before I saw one group of only black kids. A simple solution to this would be to just google “black kids playing,” and although this is what I have to do every time, there was only a few pictures that strictly had brown children in them, once again I am forced to settle with a multicultural diversity-friendly snap shot of two “bestfriends” of the opposite race―the media’s clever way to shove acceptance and cultural adoption down our throats. Although I am in complete support of integration and diversity, if I am doing a post about black children, it would be nice to find pictures of only black children.

After contemplating whether or not this was a “real” issue, I finally came to the conclusion that this is in fact a demeaning and disgraceful feature of the constantly evolving technological industry. I am offended. Not only because my simple google search has now become an intense researching project, but also because I feel sorry for our younger generations who don’t understand why they don’t see people who look like them on page one, and eventually won’t even be aware of the inequality that the Internet is promoting. Already thinking of a solution to this problem, you would think that it would be as simple as using proper SEO tags and other nifty web tricks, but the truth is the Internet is exactly how it is supposed to be.

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