Opinion: I Am Not A Product Of My Environment



Most people think that if you live in a certain area or have a certain background, most likely that’s how you act. The stereotypes that are placed on people of color specifically usually don’t have much truth, but these generalizations are mass produced and spread throughout many mediums. When it comes to understanding yourself, the people you know personally, or the people living in your neighborhood, we are all different; so why are we constantly pigeonholed into a geographic bias.

Being a decent person or a law-abiding citizen has nothing to do with gender, race or your background. Coming from an “urban” community myself, I take offense when someone assumes I act a certain way. But when I speak, to peoples’ surprise, I do not sound as my generalized self. In regards to speech and eloquence, talking properly is perceived as “talking white,” an ignorant approach to education in inner-city communities.

Raven- Symone recently stated that if someone has a “ghetto name” she wouldn’t hire them. Implying that the person is no longer qualified because of their name. They had no choice in picking a name for themselves and they probably have more skills than someone named Jill or John.

Let’s get something correct, there’s professional and unprofessional. We all know in certain types of careers you have to look professional, it has nothing to do with a name. At some point we have to stop letting stereotypes hold us back. We do it to ourselves and we let others do it, without even knowing it sometimes. One thing all human beings have in common is wanting to be successful, regarless of race, gender or a name.

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1 Comment

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    October 21, 2015 at 3:52 pm

    I’ve been through this!

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