Opinion: Ne-Yo’s Baby Announcement Shouldn’t Be Attacked


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As a woman we have to go through a lot with our bodies. So many of us sympathized with Monyetta Shaw, ex-fiancée of singer and producer Ne-Yo when she revealed on the VH1 reality show Atlanta Exes she got her tubes burned after the birth of her second child for him. So many people also attacked Ne-Yo for having her go through that process especially being that they later broke up. Now a single woman without the chances of having children again, she’s in the position that in the future if she met another mate willing to raise a larger family she couldn’t so.

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To add drama to the situation, me-Yo had a change of heart with his current girlfriend and possibly new wife, Crystal Renay, when he posted a “surprise” post showing him rubbing her growing belly. What should’ve been a celebratory announcement showered with congratulations, He was quickly responded with hundreds of negative reactions stating it was an insensitive act to impregnate someone else after breaking up with his now barren ex fiancée. However, it’s impossible not to have expected him to fall in love with another woman and decide to raise a family with her. Since all his parts still work, I’m not surprised nor am I mad he made this decision because his situation is diferent. He and his ex were together for four years and raised two beautiful children. In an interview Shaw said she forgives him and she wasn’t forced to do the procedure, it was a decision they made as a family to not have any more children.


My suggestion would’ve been that he had a vasectomy. You don’t want kids? Snip snip, then we go to dinner. In some cases we take the biggest load to bear and deal with the biggest repercussions alone. So now he’s able to have kids now that he’s changed his mind but she can’t. The most damaging part of Shaw’s situation is the long term effect of unfortunately a short term relationship that she couldn’t foreshadow at the time of the decision. However blaming either parties isn’t fair because both parties agreed to do it as they expected to be together forever. She has already expressed feeling confident in her decision to her body and she still has two children for the performer and they have agreed to focus on taking care of the children he’s brought and bringing into this world, which is the most important part for both Monyetta and Crystal. So let’s be happy for his new joy because that child asked for no parts of this reality TV saga.

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When it comes to making life altering decisions and permanent changes to our bodies, we must think about all the pros and cons of the decision. And if it’s going to be pertaining to a relationship, thinking how this decision will affect you personally if you were to be without that partner in the future.

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