“No, Thank You” To Your Unsolicited IG Relationship Quotes


breakup-quotes-and-sayings07On an average day, scrolling down my timeline on Instagram, I usually see several selfies, #ootd “photo shoots,” sneaker collections and―more than occasionally―a quote on relationship advice. Social media has not only tricked people into believing their electronic personalities, but it has single handedly brainwashed people into having faith in viral relationship memes, deeming them the universal stamp of approval as a source of relationship guidance. Unfortunate, but true.

My argument is that, relationship quotes aren’t to help single people find love and make better choices. They are used to patronize relationship inductees, people who had bad experiences, and just give a big “haha” to all those singles out there who still haven’t found the ‘right one.’ They are simply stating the obvious. The other day I saw a quote on my TL that read,

“Only a broke man can give you all his time.”

At first I thought that this saying transpired some useful points, but shortly after analyzing what I had just read, I realized that it just isn’t true. Why put this image into a young girls’ head? Not every man who gives you all his time is broke and not every man who is extremely busy is building an empire. So, unless they’re on the Diddy wave, they should never preach to a woman about how they’re too occupied to spend time with their significant other―if they are indeed significant, it shouldn’t be an issue.

As silly as it may sound, my search feed has now become a pervasive pool of “should’ve known better” and “to the left, to the left” bitter breakup quotes. Quite frankly, I’m over seeing my peers gush over how many mistakes they’ve made and seeing @PhuckYoQuote’s  become their new therapist. Although I try to ignore it and be understanding, this silent cry for help amongst my following has become unavoidable. Yes, people handle pain differently and yes, sometimes you get hurt, but a quote isn’t going to teach you a lesson nor will telling the public about your intimate and exclusive business. However, dealing with your discomfort and focusing on something new and more substantial, will. So no, thanks to your tart quotes and passive aggressive subliminal’s. Ice cream and Netflix will do just fine for me.


This isn’t meant to be a bashing party about how Instagram is tearing relationships apart, it’s more of a wakeup call to people who countlessly post quotes about mistakes made and heartbreak after a 3-month “situationship.” This is an ode to how social media has completely torn down the wall of  privacy in nearly everyone’s life. These quotes are your business entirely unfolded, so be aware of what you’re posting because people are watching.

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