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Opinion: Raven Symoné Is A Walking Contradiction


Last week on The View, co-host Raven Symoné caused a wave of controversy when she stated that she would not hire somebody with a “non-traditional” name like “Watermelondrea.” The topic came up when the host discussed a study that was recently done stating that many employers turn away resume’s if they have a name that they can’t pronounce. During the segment of the show, they played a clip from a popular youtube video, “Top 60 Ghetto Black Names” in which “Watermelondrea” was number 12. After the clip was played, Raven then went on to say that she would not hire someone who had a name that she could not pronounce.

After watching the footage and reading the response to her comment many thoughts ran through my head while listening to her talk. Raven has been the topic of controversy for the last couple months from her stating that she doesn’t want to be labeled as an African American to her talking about being from every continent in Africa except one. Raven’s comments about discriminating against names is very ironic and it contradictory.

One thought that came to my head was the fact that Raven Symoné is a representation of three oppressed groups. She’s a women, she’s black, and she’s gay, that’s three minority groups that face discrimination on a regular basis so why would you try and discriminate against others. Another thought is that her name is Raven hyphenated Symoné, and her name isn’t spelled like the “traditional” way you spell ‘Simone.’ If she wasn’t famous an employer would probably throw her resume in the trash because of the fact that she’s named after a bird and if you were to try and pronounce it the way her mom spelled “Symoné” it would sound like Sye-mo-nay. You cannot judge someone based on their names, especially considering that they have no control over it. Im sure there’s a “Lashounda” that has the qualifications to exceed over any “Susan” “Molly” or “Becky”.

All in all Raven-Symoné has a lot of growing to do and she needs to really think before she speaks. Raven was someone all little girls, including myself, has looked up to for years and it’s a disappointment that she has these horrific views.

Photo Credit(s): ABC News, Billboard

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1 Comment


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