Opinion: Reality Tv Is Not Your Reality At All



We as a society in the world of pop culture have become consumed with this phenomena called reality television. We thrive off of women fighting, men exploiting women, and women using sex to get ahead.  But, what television networks portray as our reality, is the furthest from our truth.

The start of the reality television takeover some may argue, is when Flavor of Love hit the scene. It was a show centered around popular rapper Flavor Flava and his quest to find love. We saw weekly how the women in the race to his heart clawed, fought, and overly sexualized their way to the top. On the surface it proved to be a popular show that opened Vh1’s doors to this world of reality television. But one thing that we as viewers overlooked is the way this new genre of entertainment television was meant to portray reality but instead it was a skewed view of what reality really was.

Reality television is hands down the dominating genre on all mainstream networks because of its ability to transcend and gage all types of crowds. But, what does it mean when reality is not your reality at all?

When is the last time you saw a working woman fighting another woman because she gave her a dirty look? When have you ever considered a boss to be someone who reached popularity for sleeping with the right cash cow? When did sleeping with multiple women on camera become acceptable if you were not a porn star?

These questions should open your eyes to the world of “reality” that is being portrayed on television. And this is not to say that you should be on strike and stop watching reality television because it is harder then you may think especially since all we watch is addictive ratchet television. But this should open your eyes and make you see reality for what it is and what it is not.

So when you’re tuned into the next episode of Love & Hip Hop and you wonder why you don’t have your own show or why this is what entertainment has come to, remember reality is not reality anymore.


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