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Opinion: Taraji P. Henson’s Natural Hair Shoot Should Not Be “Shocking”

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Fall/Winter 2015

Last week, Taraji P. Henson stunned everyone when she shot for CR Fashion Book’s seventh edition. The actress took off her wig and wore her natural corn-rolled hair for the Bruce Weber directed shoot. Henson explained that when she accidentally took off her wig Bruce thought it was beautiful and he wanted to take pictures of her in her “natural beauty.” Once those photos were revealed, everyone seemed to be surprised by the outcome.

As you can see above the photos are gorgeous and I can admit that I was shocked that she actually did a photoshoot revealing her natural hair. I thought about it and asked myself why am I shocked; it’s just hair. Everyone should have been rocking their natural hair in the industry before this photoshoot. Then I questioned why is society so obsessed with hair especially hair that’s on a black woman’s head? Would a white celebrity have gotten the same attention if she wore her natural hair out? It seems as though we live in a society that cares so much about hair not only natural hair, but weaves as well.

I think Taraji debuting her natural hair for a magazine should not be news, it should be something that is considered normal, so more people will do it and young girls in can walk around and embrace the hair that comes from their scalp. Don’t get me wrong, I love weave and it’s great to get a break from your hair every now and then. But showing what was God-given should not be something that surprises everyone, it should be something that everyone praises and hopefully, everyone follows.

Photo Credit(s): Bruce Weber for CR Fashion Book

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