[Part 2]: Singer and Reality Star Zonnique Discusses ‘The Family Hustle’, Going by Your First Mind, and Much More



In this part of the chat with Zonnique, she opened about the gun incident and what she learned from that, ‘Love Jones‘, how she feels this isn’t the end of T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle’, ‘Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta’, how she’s seeing things in her future, and more.

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PYNK: What was your inspiration behind a lot of it, the storyline?  The songs, individually? I’m sure there were some personal experiences that happened that sparked it, but what was the inspiration?

Zonnique: Well, the inspiration in making these songs I would just say whatever was going on at the time I feel like inspired all of my concepts and stuff for the songs. I feel like “Patience” was a song that was given to me or somebody let me listen to it. I was like this has to be the first song on my project, this just explains me! I just don’t wanna be bothered, I wanna make money, like this has to be just the start; and I think that really topped it off. When somebody let me listen to that song I was like everything has to be as poppin’ as this first song and I guess that’s the inspiration for that. The inspiration for the whole project was really just I wanted to put out music so bad. I actually put out two singles before this project, but they weren’t like really grabbing anybody’s attention; like I did a song, my first song, Nun for Free with Young Thug. We did a video, an awesome video at that, but nobody was really just like, ‘this new artist is Zonnique, she got some fly stuff.’ I kept telling everybody I need a whole project that’ll actually let people know who I am as an artist. I feel like people don’t care about singles anymore, they care about projects. So I was just really adamant about that and I think that’s what really inspired me to put this whole project together and make sure it was really perfect, because it was my first one!


PYNK: So of course I know you’re no stranger to reality tv, so switching gears a little bit, I was really sad to find out that ‘The Family Hustle’ is not coming on any longer, do you feel like it was time? Now that your parents separated or divorcing, did you feel like this is time? I’m sure it wasn’t your decision at all, but how did that personally make you feel?

Zonnique: Ummm, I would say I never thought that it was our time to be off tv as a family. I feel like people really relate to our family. I enjoy being able to film and watch it back. All the people giving our family feedback when they see us out, and being so nice to my mom, like you’re just such a true mother; I love everything about our family show. It was definitely a really bittersweet moment for me definitely. I can’t see it ending, even though everybody says it’s over, I for some reason don’t feel like it’s over; maybe cause Heiress is in the picture. I feel like at some point they gotta pick us back up. That’s how I keep thinking and I’m gonna keep thinking that until we get another season!

PYNK: I hope your parents work out ultimately, I love their love, and the show, there’s a lot of great lessons in the show.

Zonnique: I feel like these two are always gonna love each other.


PYNK: Of course! So how the opportunity for Growing Up Hip Hop: ATL come about?

Zonnique: Well Brandon who is a cast member on the show, also Ms. Deb’s son, was my vocal coach at the time. He also has a hand like in writing shows and just doing shows, so someway somebody hit him up and was like Growing up Hip Hop is coming at Atlanta. He asked me about it. He was like looking for cast, you tryna be apart? I was like sure, why not get on another show, have another platform to showcase my stuff on. So that’s really how it was brought to me from Brandon.

PYNK: Awesome! Well I’ll be tuned in!  I know that you also have a collection too, right? The Heiry collection?

Zonnique: Yeah, definitely!

PYNK: Tell us about that.

Zonnique: Well I’m trying to figure out when did I put that out?! I did like a little launch in December, like a little Christmas lunch. It wasn’t really much, but these people came to me about doing a cosmetic line and I was like oh definitely! I don’t even know how to do my own makeup, so I’m like if you do anything, lip colors is what I would like to do. I just can’t beat my face, but if I put on a nice lip I feel like I’m cute enough, maybe I’ll look like I have some makeup on. So I like to do a lot of fun colors and stuff and do colors for all type of skin colors and stuff that’ll match people. I’m just starting to do eye shadows, but glitter ones, because you know that’s the easiest thing to apply when you do makeup. Now it’s just like some basic stuff, but it’s on a site called You can get anything you want on there and I also have some really cute makeup brushes on there, but yeah and I named it after my sister obviously Heiress, because she’s just my everything!


PYNK: I know the incident that happened in the airport, and I’m sure that was probably one of the scariest, but biggest lessons that you could have possibly learned. What was one of your biggest lessons you learned, although I’m sure the lesson itself was the biggest lesson you learned? What would be the biggest lesson out of it?

Zonnique: One of my biggest lessons would be to just really, I don’t know, so many lessons came out of it! I feel like I have to think twice about things. I can’t just go and not take things seriously; like I had it in my purse really all day and I knew I was going on a flight late and I have a bad memory. So I had told myself earlier like just don’t forget to take it out of your purse. Which, when I thought about it then that’s what I shoulda did, but that’s something way to serious to ever mistake to go into an airport with. I shoulda took it out when I thought about it and I just have to do things when I actually think about it and not when stuff goes down. I had the longest talk with Pops, he was like, ‘I got you out of this one, but now you growing up, you have to really pay attention to the things you got going on.’ So I just felt bad, you know I got some real lessons out of that.

PYNK: I’m sure and that’s the reason why I asked about it, is because I’m sure other young girls could learn the lessons that you learned. Whatever you learned from it to not make those same mistakes.

Zonnique: Definitely, like just take your time. Just leave it in the car, you don’t really have to have it in your purse anyway!


PYNK: What advice overall would you give to someone that may have grown up in a household with a famous family or just someone that wants to be or aspires to do music? What advice would you give to them that you’ve learned thus far?

Zonnique: Okay, so for someone who maybe would have famous parents, I would say be yourself and really don’t pay attention to being on your parent’s shadow so much. Just do you and so whatever it is that you want and really work at it so that you can push to your own person. You know I feel like just having famous parents it’s really hard to be your own person; you get called T.I.’s daughter every day! So don’t let that stuff bother you, just push to do you and be your own person! Then for someone who would like to be an artist, I was going to tweet this the other day, if you want to be an artist, whenever it is that you think about it, that you want, that you say this is what I wanna do, you should start working on it right then and there. Don’t just wait until you think it’s the perfect opportunity, like you have to perfect your craft. Being an artist, people don’t really know it, it’s not easy! It’s just easy and once you start and once you put out something, you’re not really able to stop. So just make sure that you’re always on your p’s and q’s and you’re always working to be better at it, because in the industry there is always somebody better than you and everybody is your competition. That’s what I would say.

PYNK: So in five or ten years, or your future, where do you see yourself far as still doing music or more reality tv or movies?

Zonnique: I would see myself definitely doing more music, albums, I would see myself at award shows. I would also see myself not only being an artist, but being a model. I want to get into actual acting, not just a reality tv show, and in the future if you ever see me on a reality tv show, it’ll most likely be on T.I. and Tiny, if we’re still alive or my own show, because that’s how I’m seeing it!

Be sure to watch the final episode of the final season of ‘The Family Hustle’ tonight on Vh1 at 10:00 PM EST and Growing Up Hip Hop: ATL every Thursday on WEtv at 10:00 PM EST.

Photo Credit(s): guhh_wetv, Zonnique’s IG

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