#PGOTD: Activist and SHEro, Karli Butler #MOREBEAUTIFUL



Today’s PYNK Girl of the Day is the beautiful and bold activist, Karli Butler. Being a beautiful, smart, outgoing young woman from Chicago, Karli Butler had no issues with attracting people. Approximately ten years ago, she attracted the attention of a handsome young man. She couldn’t resist his charm and the way he cared for her and spoiled her. What she didn’t know was the secret life that he lived that had made her an easy target for foul play.

It has been nine years since Karli was kidnapped, burned with acid and left to die. Being involved with the wrong man was all her attackers knew about her, what they didn’t know was that she was one resilient soul. Defying all odds placed against her, she made a complete recovery not only physically, but mentally. After her story gained the attention of various television networks and she was featured on the biography channel’s, “I SURVIVED” she decided to venture into her own philanthropic endeavors. This prompted her to launch her campaign #MOREBEAUTIFUL, an initiative where she mentors, and teaches young women the importance of self worth, being aware of your surroundings and the company that you keep and most importantly, accepting what you have gone through and being able to remain focused, strong, humble and #MOREBEAUTIFUL.
Karli adopted the phrase after her injuries when people would often tell her she was, “still beautiful” despite her appearance. She decided that “still” wasn’t good enough for how she felt and the way she healed internally. She felt MORE BEAUTIFUL than ever. She is truly #pynkgirlapproved for her tenacity and her ability to still give back to others after her personal battles.

Learn more about Karli Butler and her #MOREBEAUTIFUL campaign by visiting her site Also Keep up with Karli via social media on Instagram @KarliSpeaks


karlibefore -Before the attack.

karli2-After the Attack

karlinow -Karli now, doing what she loves to do




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