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The road to stardom is a long and challenging route, but when you’re as dedicated as today’s PYNK girl then you should have no problem making it to the top. Jazmyn Simon is a San Francisco native who got her early beginnings on radio and transitioned into the acting world when she discovered her love for theater in college. Four years later, here she is co-starring in the forthcoming show Ballers.

Although a four-year stint in acting may seem like an overnight journey to some, Jazmyn has certainly worked her hardest in order to get where she is today. After 200 auditions and 199 no’s she finally landed the role of her dreams. The optimistic talent is a firm believer in being ambitious and hungry enough to never give up on your passion.

Although Jazmyn is just getting started in the business this girl boss has high hopes for a future in acting. Get to know Jazmyn Simon on the following pages as she discusses her early beginnings including her first Hollywood role, what Women’s History Month means to her, and some valuable advice for any aspiring actor or actress.

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