#PGOTD: Chef @JourdanChaTaun



Chef Jourdan Cha’Taun is manifesting her dreams into her reality according to her Twitter bio and her resume filled with successes. Whether it’s cooking in a kitchen or cooking for a myriad of celebrities, prestigious events, and famous restaurants this female iron chef is far from finished with her doing what she came here to do.

This inspirational food magician has committed her life to cheffing it up since she was a teenager. Graduating from Seattle Central Culinary Academy and working under Executive Chef Wayne Johnson, this go-getter has been breaking barriers one goal at a time. She is a fearless and strong woman with a creative passion for making things taste amazing.

This bold and beautiful Pynk girl is an inspiration simply because of her trials and tribulations that she has experienced. Chef Jourdan reclaims her identity, not as a victim of abuse, but as a survivor who has overcome much adversity in order to achieve her goals and make her dreams come true. Her story is amazing, which is why she exudes what Pynk girls stand for.

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