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A wife, a mother, a creator and a kindred spirit with the desire to unite and inspire women, April Daniels is a celebrity hairstylist turned entrepreneur and the leading lady in charge of the Rock Out With Me campaign. You may know her from the Tamar & Vince show, but Ms. Daniels is so much more than a reality TV personality. Born and raised in Philadelphia, April comes from a home with three strong black women who have molded her into the successful businesswoman that she is today—her grandmother, mother and older sister. April has created her own  formula that led to her success and has given her an outlet to achieve her dreams.

Being the wife of songwriter LaShawn Daniels, a mother of three boys and an entrepreneur on a journey to affect change, April manages to keep balance, be a positive role model in her community and an inspirational social media maven. Her newest endeavor is the #RockOutWithMe campaign. The campaign was birthed from an episode of Tamar & Vince. Focusing on unity, love and respect for all women, #RockOutWithMe aims to restore what’s been lost in the female community by uniting women and rebuilding what it means to be supportive, how to coexist peacefully, and how to cancel out the cancers that can keep women from being themselves and achieving their goals.

What started off as a simple slogan between April and her husband has turned into a viral movement involving women across the social media stratosphere. Recently, April Daniels partnered with Ebony Magazine to launch the #RockOutWithMe 7-city tour, which kicks off April 24th—its first stop is Atlanta. If you want to get involved with the #RockOutWithMe campaign, you can follow the movement on social media at @RockOutWithMe_ for more information and updates.

Read our full interview with April Daniels on the following pages as she discusses taking care of her family, her career, her future goals, and her new web talk show Just Saying.


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