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Five questions with #BossBabe Ebony Williams

1.  What’s sets “Ebony Williams” apart from all the other ballerina’s within your scope of work?

Ballerina’s are typically very light on their feet an considerably graceful but have a hard time getting grounded. I am most known for being a versatile dancer who is classical trained but yet is capable of getting down in other styles such as hiphop and modern. I am lucky to be one of the few trained ballet dancers who has bridged the gaps between classical and contemporary concert dance and commercial dance.  When working commercially the ballerinas are usually wearing tutu’s doing traditional ballet, but I am the girl they call if they want someone with edge. I have actually had the chance to do both ballet and hiphop in a concert setting and commercial setting.

2.  Top 3 tips to being a #BossBabe?

Tip #1 is trust yourself. Never second guess your vision because then others will follow suit. #2 Live by example. Others are watching and you are an inspiration even if you are unaware of it.  The things you do today can affect tommorrow.  #3 Don’t be afraid to take a risk. There is so much to learn from making mistakes and failure. Aside from that there is not much that is interesting about perfection. It’s the pursuit of perfection through trials that make it all happen. Nothing worth having is ever easy so never give up.

3.  What’s next for Ebony Williams?

I am excited to explore more television and film opportunities even possibly broadway. I am working on multiple businesses, one in which includes my own athletic/dance line. I also look forward to collaborating with various artist and foundations that I respect and support.

4.  What’s your style like when your off stage?

Off stage I still enjoy wearing heels and dressing very femine. I am super inspired by the 70’s right now so I love rocking my afro with some bellbottoms on. Color always brightens up my day but I can also feel great in a chic all black outfit.

5.  Best advice you have ever received?

Best advice I have ever received is to not be to hard on myself or beat myself up. We are our own worst critics so we can do more damage to ourselves than anyone else around us.

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