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Iman Dean is the epitome of a PYNK girl. Powerful and passionate with big dreams. In addition to being a self-made fitness guru, Iman is the creator of the renowned 1st Sunday Brunch series. Tomorrow marks the seven year anniversary of one of the most successful day party events in NYC.

Strong-willed, ambitious and dedicated are just three words to decribe Iman, but this powerhouse of a business woman wasn’t built over night. Amidst some heavy depression, Iman managed to overcome hard times and insecurities to push forward and fulfill her passion. Now, almost a decade later Iman is creating a lane of her own as a female entrepreneur doing big things. PYNK had the privalege of sitting down with the inspiring entrepreneur to discuss her chef skills, new endeavors and plans for the future. Continue reading to learn more about this driven diva below.


PYNK: How did you get into the event planning/promotion business?


Iman: It really was by chance. A longtime associate of mine asked me if I wanted to co-promote a party with him because of all the people I had contact with. I agreed to do it, but after seeing that our views were not the same we decided to part ways. After parting ways I continued with the idea, I but changed some dynamics that I knew would drive more visibility and it worked! Seven years later and “#1st Sunday Brunch” is the longest running brunch day party, and the first of its kind in NYC.

As a female entrepreneur, how do you manage to give all of your endeavors equal attention and keep them running?


It’s funny you should ask that. Time management is one of the biggest hurdles I have to jump. There are often so many moving parts and not enough time in a day. I work off of a to-do list. I try to come up with systems where I allot pockets of time to particular areas, while trying not to get caught in my web of emails from my 5 different email accounts, and I pray I can keep it all in order. It certainly is not an easy task and it can get overwhelming sometimes, but I live for the rush!

It’s the 7 year anniversary of taj brunch! Why do you think it’s been so successful?


“#1stSundayBrunch” has been successful for a few reasons. One is the venue- Taj has been such an amazing host over the years from the managers to the staff to the owners. They really work with me and all my crazy request and ideas. Second, DJ Kaos- who I might say I begged to come on board- is one of the best DJ’s in NYC. He knows how to work the crowd and that is something that is invaluable. Third, is the people- I have seen my baby go from 10 attendees to a line around the corner and it is because the attendees know this is a place to let your hair down have fun.. We are not worried about how you look or how you’re dressed, I just want you to come eat great food mingle with amazing people and dance, dance, dance.

Our tag line at Pynk is Pretty, Powerful and Provocative! What are some qualities that you think a PYNK girl should have?


I think a PYNK girl should be ambitious, fearless, have integrity.

Fitness X health questions:

Advice on healthy eating? Favorite meals?

Many people who know me know I set out to lose 40lbs- 4 months before my 30th birthday and 4 years later I have lost 85lbs and kept it off. One major thing I learned during this process is that it’s important not to deprive yourself of the things you love and all things in moderation. Crash diets and completely omitting the things you love only make you want them more, which leads to binge consumption. Small portions, steamed, grilled and light are your friend. Stay away from white, always brown when consuming carbs. Go heavy in the AM and lighten your portions as you go into the evening.


I have adopted a Pescatarian diet so anything with seafood. Fish tacos make me want to sing!


What important life lessons has your journey taught you?


My journey has taught me that all your fears and inhibitions are mental and if you stop doubting yourself for a moment, you can actually conquer those fears with your eyes closed. It might sound cliché, but you are the only thing standing in between you and the things you want.

What lessons on self-love has your journey taught you?


I have suffered from depression longer than actually knowing what depression meant. One reason was that I did not like the person I was, where I came from, and the life lessons that were thrown my way. When I started my journey, I was scared of who would be exposed along the way and if I was equipped to take the steps needed, then the funniest thing happened. I started taking the steps and discovering things about myself that I never knew, a side that I loved, a person I was not afraid to look at in the mirror. I started living my truth and being unapologetic for all the things I hated about myself because those things made me, ME! Then something else happened, the more I loved myself the more I opened myself up for real love and that’s when I realized being me is great. I may not have it all, but I am whole.

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