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Beverly Kearney is the true epitome of a survivor. Growing up in a family with 6 siblings, Beverly found peace in athletics, thus leading to her legacy of coaching the University of Austin Texas women’s track & field team. Coach Kearney led the Lady Longhorns to six NCAA Championships: Indoor Championships in 1998, 1999, and 2006, and Outdoor Championships in 1998, 1999, and 2005. With a strong work ethic and an admirable vision, the All-American athlete is definitely an empowering role model with an inspiring story.

Most people take the negative circumstances in their lives and become handicapped by their experiences—Beverly became empowered. She developed her own philosophy about life and focused her energy around the importance of working diligently and efficiently towards her goals.

Born in Mississippi and raised in Florida, Beverly Kearney garnered an affinity for athletics watching her older brothers and sisters play sports. Her interest not only led her to becoming a talented athlete, but it also gave her the opportunity to attend college with a scholarship. Growing up a book enthusiast despite the lack of education in her family, Beverly concluded that a college degree was essential to success and therefore, made it a priority to always put her education first.

Watching her mother and grandmother work taught her the importance of doing for yourself—a lesson that she still lives with today. Working with her mother at a laundromat in her earlier life, Beverly knew that she didn’t want to do that kind of labor, so she sought out to create a successful and promising future for herself. Read more on the following pages as Coach Beverly Kearney talks growing up struggling with her family, being a black woman in the athletic field, and becoming an award-winning track coach.


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