#PGOTD: Interview With Celebrity Hair Stylist Cynthia Meadows

cynthia meadows

Today’s PYNK Girl of the Day is celebrity hair stylist, Cynthia Meadows. This Jacksonville, Florida native has been making her way up the ranks despite her rough start in the industry and has never let her past dictate her future.

Meadows has worked with some of the Internet’s favorites such as Teyana Taylor, Malaysia Pargo, Mimi Faust and Claudia Jordan. PYNK had the pleasure of talking with her and getting more in depth insight about her journey and passion of being a hair stylist as well as her recent experience as a contestant in the famous Bronner Brothers Hair Battle.



PYNK: So tell me a little about yourself and how you got into doing hair?

Cynthia: I started doing hair at 14 years old as a braider.

You spoke about your testimony, and your story but what are some of the things you had to

overcome to get to the place where you are now?     

I had to overcome low self-esteem. Growing up, I struggled with my parents being very strict and

religious. Dealing with low self esteem, abusive relationships, and some other obstacles took it’s toll on

me, but it helped me become a better woman.

What are some of the most inspirational, and or pieces of advice that people have given you while on

your journey to being a talented hair stylist?

It’s so simple – trust God and stand on His word.

When you finally honed in on your dream of being a hair stylists did you ever think your dream would

have reached this magnitude? 

God revealed my path to me 6 years ago; that I was going to accomplish all that I have. It WAS a dream,

and now it’s my reality.

Some people believe that hair is one of the few things that can make a woman fall in love with herself

and gives her that extra boost of confidence. So how does it make you feel that you can help and

contribute to making a woman feel like a woman?

When a woman is dispirited,  or self-conscious, we help them to see their value and unique beauty.  A

person’s hair reflects who they are and how they feel. After I complete my client’s style, I turn them to

face the mirror; and when I see them begin to smile, I know they realize how beautiful they are. I want

my clients to have a cut that accents their features,  or give their hair a pop of color that will lift their

skin tones and their spirit. This helps boost their self esteem.


Your best known for your technique with scissors, but what is that one talent that people don’t know

you have?

I am a crafty interior decorator.  My salon reflects my inner creativity.


Do you think that your hidden talent and superwoman mentality give you the upper hand on other


I believe that we all have a superperson inside of us. We just have to look to the power within – stay

determined to pursue our dreams – and we will see great results.

You recently did the Bronner Brothers Celebrity Hair Battle so what was that experience like as far as

preparing for the show?

It was a lot of preparation, and in a short time frame.  We had a few weeks from when we were notified

and the pressure was on – knowing that you were going up against such great talent. It took a host of

collaborations from dancers, models,  graphic artists etc.; and we had to set up themes and curate

elaborate hair pieces.  It was a great accomplishment for everyone involved.

What are some of the things you pulled from for inspiration for your show?

I pulled from the power of unity, that we as women are stronger together, and that our love and respect

for one another will take us to mountain top experiences.  I was also inspired by seeing women of all

backgrounds, and what they possess within themselves.  We are truly queens and should dance, laugh,

create, and celebrate our achievements.  I took a piece from Coming to America and added it in my

presentation. The theme was “Coming into the A’bliss.”

Were you ever afraid or had doubts leading up to hitting the stage, especially since you took on the

challenge of cutting someone’s hair blindfolded?

There is always anticipation of an event, because they are all different.  I have been cutting hair for

years; knowing the feel, the angles and the tools of shears and razors, and that is why I can do it with my

eyes closed; literally. (Laughs)

What are some of the things the judges gave you as critiques or advice?

The judges in Atlanta were very complimentary of my hair battle performance. They gave me 10’s across

the board, and stated that they enjoyed the entire show.  They thought the show  was original and

entertaining; and that there were great transformations of hair.  They also stated they look forward to

what I will be doing next.


So being that it was only one point away from you taking home the trophy what are some of the

things you plan to work on for next year?

Well, many things are occurring and developing,  so I plan on looking at all the possibilities and seeing

my brand, A’Bliss Studios, continue to grow.


Here at PYNK we love to be the site for all things trending especially in style so what are some of the

things trending for the upcoming fall season?

Fall hair is free flowing, sassy, and easily swept up for that after 5 flair. Pinned up hair with accent pieces

for that holiday cheer, is also trending.

What would you say is the best style for a PYNKGirl looking to try something new?

I would style a PYNK girl in a pixie cut. It’s cutting edge , trendy and makes a strong statement.

Here at PYNK we believe every girl should be Pretty, Powerful, and Provocative so when do you feel

the most pretty, powerful and provocative.

I feel very pretty when my hair and makeup is freshly done. I feel powerful  in high heels, and

provocative  in an evening dress.

You have had so much success and I am sure you have no plans on slowing down so what can we

expect from you in the future?

You can expect to see more of the A’Bliss Studios expanding nationally with franchises and products in


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