#PGOTD: Interview With @NubianSkin UK Lingerie Line Founder, Ade Hassan


Photo Credit: Julia Underwood 


Written by Kadesh Anderson

In the past, women of color have struggled due to the scarcity of platforms in the fashion industry that has implemented our skin tone. However in the world of beauty Iman Cosmetics created by Supermodel Iman and Fashion Fair, which is one of the prominent ethnic cosmetics companies across the globe―have both paved the way for nude tones of women of color. It has taken me almost all my life to figure it out myself―what nude actually is. “Nude” to me has always been a pinky or neutral color that I never could relate to when it came to my skin tone. Everything I purchased of a nude color was always too light.
In the evolutionary world of hosiery―that is constantly changing―30 year old female entrepreneur, Ade Hassan has raised the standards for a different type of nude for women of color to embrace; introducing her very own hosiery line, Nubian Skin. Birthed out of frustration, Ade Hassan explains how she always wanted nude tights or nude bras, but could never find anything to match her skin tone. Since launching the hosiery line in October 2014, there has undoubtedly been much support worldwide.
Continue reading the full interview to learn about some insight on the beginning of the company’s business ventures and the next steps in Nubian Skins’ journey.
 Photo Credit: David Cromer

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