#PGOTD: Natural Hair Blogger And Transformation Coach @Silver_Sista


unnamed-2Mother’s Day is right around the corner, so we’re celebrating PYNK mommies all week. Some of us will never know how much work it takes to raise a child until we have one, but we can only imagine considering how wild we once were.

The first mother we are celebrating is a natural hair care blogger and mother of two. Mildred Bean—better know as Natural Silver Sista—is the owner and curator of Her website offers giveaways, styling tips, product reviews, and daily inspiration.

In 2012, Mildred began documenting her natural journey and it sharing her story through social media. About three years later, she has developed a handful of loyal followers and opportunities to be a part of the natural hair crew, attending events and conventions that have been overwhelmingly occurring since this trend began. At 50-plus-years-old, Mildred is an inspiration to all moms breaking into an age of millennials, by staying healthy and keeping up with this technological era.

Photo Credit(s): Instagram

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