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Monique Rodriguez is a naturalista, wife, mother of two, and an organic product enthusiast who has recently introduced the beauty industry to new, helpful and healthy products that contribute to the natural chemistry of hair growth. Mielle Organics was founded in 2014 by Rodriguez when she was a Registered Nurse prior to her career in the beauty industry.

Monique initially would use her secrets in order to aid her tailbone-length hair, but by popular demand she began to help others contribute to the growth of their happy and healthy hair. The first product that Monique mass distributed was the Advanced Hair Formula, a unique proprietary blend of herbs, amino acids, and minerals to support healthy hair, skin, nails, and immune system.

Today, Mielle Organics continues to be on the forefront of the natural product distributors, creating products that are organic and a great asset to help promote healthy tresses. Mielle has been endorsed by celebrity fans including: Rasheeda Frost (Love & Hip Hop), Drew Sidora (BET’s The Game) and a host of naturalistas around the world. Monique is also investing her time in new endeavors including public speaking, where she has recently spoke at April Daniel’s “Rock Out With Me” brunch sponsored by Ebony Magazine.
Monique continues to be a crusader in the natural product industry, producing top-of-the-line products beneficial to all types of hair and skin. PYNK had the opportunity to sit down with Monique to discuss her industry shift, her best products, and her biggest challenge that she faced during her career transition. Be sure to check out some of her top-selling products at and keep up with her on social media, @ExquisiteMo.
Monique-Rodriguez6PYNK: What is your professional background and when did you get into the beauty industry?
Monique: My professional background is in Registered Nursing, I worked as a nurse for 8years prior to the beauty industry.
PYNK: When did you become a naturalista and start using only natural ingredients on your own hair? What made you do it?
Monique: I have been natural all my life but suffered from heat damage to my hair and I never embraced my natural textured curls,  I wanted to try and grow my heat damage and color out but my hair wouldnt grow past my bra strap. I just challenged my self told myself I was going to start making my own products and helping my hair grow out and that is how I started in my kitchen.

PYNK: What is the most important aspect that you and your team focus on when creating a great hair product?
Monique: The most important aspect are ingredients, they have to be the best top quality ingredients and they have to be natural and certified organic, so we formulate based on that and use even natural preservatives and no toxic chemicals.  We start there first and then build a great products based on what I want and dont want in it.
PYNK: As a consumer of some of your products, I was first introduced to your Mint Almond Oil (which was amazing). What are some of your newer products that are used to promote healthy hair and scalp?
Monique: We also have the babassu deep conditoner that is great for healthy hair and scalp as well as our advanced healthy hair formula that helps with growth from within.
PYNK: Are there certain products that are designated for natural hair or relaxed hair? Or are all of your products useful for different hair textures?
Monique: Our products are made with natural and organic ingredients so if your looking for healthier products that work then it doesn’t matter if your natural or relaxed.
PYNK: What has been the biggest challenge that you have faced since the launch of your Mielle?
Monique: The biggest challenge has been not having a mentor and trying to figure things out by myself.  Not having someone help show me the ropes or give me advice can somewhat become a challenge but only proves to myself that I can do anything I set my mind to.
About hair…
PYNK: What advice would you give to women trying to keep consistently healthy hair year round?
Monique: I would say eliminate drying alcohols such as SD alcohol, Isospropyl and any alcohols ending in propyl those are very drying alcohols and dry hair breaks.  Develop a regimen such as deep conditioning weekely, keeping hair moisturized daily, taking our daily advanced healthy hair supplements,  trim as needed.
PYNK: What products would you recommend for women who are trying to repair their damaged hair?
Monique: I recommend our babassu oil and mint deep conditioner, because its a protein/moisture treatment and it is designed to restore dry and damages hair because of providing structure and strength which our hair needs.
PYNK: Which of your products are great for protecting your hair in the colder seasons?
Monique: The babassu deep conditioner
PYNK: Best selling product and what miracles it works?
Monique: Our best seller is between the babassu deep conditioner and the advanced healthy hair formula because it really helps restore and grow the hair.
PYNK: What are your go-to winter hairstyles and which Mielle products do you use to ace these looks?
Monique: My go to winter styles are mostly buns, and I achieve by using our avocado hair milk our leave in conditioner and mint almond oil and slick my hair back into a bun.
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