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Today’s PYNK Girl of the Day feature goes to Taina Parker, CEO & founder of Tender Organics. June 1st marks the launch of the specialty hand crafted soap. Making soap was a hobby Taina enjoyed for years. Not only was it fun, but it provided an opportunity for the energetic entrepreneur to express her unique sense of creativity. Which influenced her catchy slogan, “Where creativity meets science.”  A devotee to researching skin care treatment. She became an expert at creating yummy scents, infused with essential oils, and striking colors.

PYNK had the pleasure of meeting with her to discuss her brand. Check out some photos and the interview below.

What sparked your interest in making soap?

I have been making my own skin care treatments for years, but one day my husband’s skin started drying up badly. So, we started paying attention to what he was applying to his skin. I found that the amount of harsh chemicals in his favorite soap were horrendous! I did a ton of research and started experimenting on him, and the rest is history.


I like the name Tender Organics. What’s the story behind the name? 

Honestly, it just came to me. I knew that I wanted to focus on moisturizing skin, and the word tender just popped in my head. I also knew, I wanted to use the best ingredients possible, and nothing is better than organic.

What makes Tender Organics different from other organic soap?

Our soaps are fun and interesting. Most all natural products are boring, and unscented. I wanted to offer organic products that smelled good with great designs. I think people should know going natural can be fun!


Who was the most influential in encouraging you to start your business? 

My husband for sure. He is my worst critic, and biggest supporter. He’s also Head of Operations for Tender Organics.

Are your products just for women?

No, I’m also releasing a soap bar for kids within two weeks. I also have this amazing body butter, that comes in three different scents.



I know your newly married, and because of other business endeavors you travel a lot. What is your secret to keeping a balance between being a wife and a entrepreneur?

It’s definitely not easy! I travel several days a week, but I always make sure that quality of the time beats quantity. We are learning to set a schedule, no business after 7 p.m.


What advice would you give to women that want to start a business?

Ignore the little voice in your head. Not the voice that leads you in the right direction, but the one that says ‘you can’t’. The voice that speaks from fear, remember that you can! You absolutely can!

Where can we find your products?


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