Pink Blush Hair’s Wailane Miller-Ellis Talks Self-Empowerment

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What do you imagine when you hear the words ‘pink blush’? I’ll give you a moment to think.

Did you envision a lively grandmother reapplying her makeup in front of an antique mirror? A model at a photo-shoot, getting the finishing touch to her skin and hair before her close-up? Or maybe a young girl spread out on the floor with her mother’s cosmetics, pure curiosity played out in her eyes?

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Self-proclaimed business extraordinaire and former singer, Wailane Miller-Ellis, wants you to know that beauty is more than just a physical attribute.

Enhancing beauty on the inside and out. That’s the slogan of Pink Blush Hair, a company she stresses is an experience, not just a hair service.

Her initial interest and inspiration stemmed from a desire to make waves in a hair industry predominantly run by sellers overseas. “We have quality hair (all real) without chemicals and not mixed with any synthetic material,” the head of Pink Blush Hair explained.

To be more specific, PBH proudly claims to provide affordable shed-free virgin hair, with a good variety of ethnic textures (straight, natural wavy, steamed curls, and curly) ranging anywhere from Brazilian to Eurasian hair.

wailane miller-ellis brazilian

Pink Blush Hair’s Brazilian hair weft

Nevertheless, the anticipation of success may not always warrant a lack of self-inflicted mistakes and regrets. During the beginning stages of Pink Blush Hair, the New York native had a few disappointments she had to come to term with.

“To answer your question: My biggest mistake was not preparing myself enough for what the future held. We did not think that the brand would take off as fast as it did and did not stock enough supply for the demands.  In addition, we learned by fire and corrected all of our mistakes by collecting feedback from our Pink Ladies. We are now able to be a stronger company due to us allowing our clients to have a voice and advising what their wants and needs are. Our success comes from communication and quality products,” reflected Miller-Ellis.

“To add, having an amazing team is essential; I would like to thank my husband and partner Damon Ellis for the constant support. He pushes me to strive for better and is always there to pick me up when I am down.”

The philanthropist’s favorite aspect of Pink Blush Hair is the outlet she’s created, allowing herself to, “Empower and inspire women to love themselves.” And she’s definitely done so.

However, the philosophy of unapologetic self-love still has more to go across the sea. When asked about skin-bleaching, one of the most controversial and highly-demanded trends in various African countries and the Caribbean, she was able to offer some maternal insight. “I think that, when that happens, it’s partly the parents not instilling certain values in them to let them know that they should be comfortable in their own skin and feel beautiful,” the CEO commented.

The successful business owner has lent a helping hand to an assortment of causes like Intersections of the Triad, cancer societies, women’s homeless shelters, and her newest campaign, Define Your Beautiful. Her main purpose is to “support community issues that directly affect the quality of life and to listen and provide adequate support to each individual”.

The idea of cultivating self-esteem and empowerment moved Miller-Ellis towards inspiring children battling cancer and hair loss. “I want them to feel like it’s their own wig. I want the hair to look and feel like it’s their hair.”

If you were to ask a young Wailane Miller-Ellis, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, she would have accurately predicted a career in the music industry. From singing and dancing to modeling and acting, she has never run short on creativity and innovation. Now she can say she’s serviced hair for several high fashion and humanitarian events. The sky is the limit.

One more question for the CEO herself: what’s her favorite hair? “I would actually say…all of them!” She confessed, “There’s so much to choose from.”

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Written and interviewed by: Zain-Minkah Murdock

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